EV Charger Case Study

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EV Charger Case Study


The client, a cancer treatment center, observed that its Ridge, NY location would benefit from the installation of EV chargers to improve the experience of patients and employees alike. Affinity Engineering acted on the client’s behalf to perform energy saving calculations and applied for and secured financial incentives offered by PSEG Long Island, the power utility.

Project Summary

The client installed 2 dual port EV chargers to their administration building.
We coordinated discussion between the client, the site owner, the
electrical contractor, the vendor, and the utility to secure the best deal
and incentives. During the 6-month process, we first secured the cost estimate, installation quotes, and equipment specs to get utility funds reserved for this project. Then, we monitored the project to completion and coordinated the issuing
of the rebate check to the customer.


Installing EV chargers increased patient satisfaction at this facility. Because
this building is located in an Environmental Justice Zone, we were able to
get 90% of the infrastructure costs covered through PSEGLI’s EV Make
Ready program.

Total Incentive Award

$25,605 (about 90% of installation

EV Charger Benefits

This site is now more attractive to
customers and employees
The treatment center achieves a
better reputation as a clean business

Environmental Impact

60% reduction in emissions through the
switch from gasoline car to electric
car The public daytime charging
available at this location ensures that
EVs will be charged when the electric
grid is mostly powered by solar energy

Affinity Engineering as a Strategic Partner

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Whether you are building a new facility, upgrading old, inefficient
equipment or manage a property in need of energy improvements,
Affinity Engineering can help you identify energy saving measures,
provide technical assistance, and secure financial incentives to launch
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