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Affinity Engineering was launched in 2016 with the notion that strategic partnerships between power utilities, product manufacturers, and end-use customers are the key to energy efficiency. By understanding the three segments, and how they could effectively work together, Affinity Engineering has produced over 1 billion kWh in energy savings and over $100 million in energy efficiency. 

Our Specialties


Affinity Engineering has created, built, and maintained partnerships with some of the top manufacturers, wholesalers, and contractors to make energy efficiency work for all industries.


Affinity Engineering has implemented the utilization of sustainable resources into its strategic development. Working with companies to find ways to introduce sustainability into their daily routine allows companies to reach their business goals while decreasing their carbon footprint.  


Affinity Engineering utilizes its advanced industry knowledge and partner resources to work one on one with companies to design strategic business proposals to propel them toward their overall goals.

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