Electric Vehicle Charging Station Services

  • Maximization of state and utility grants and incentives 
  • Technical expertise regarding technology
  • Product recommendation and selection 
  • Engineering expertise for any necessary new electrical service
  • Recommendation of the location of the electric vehicle chargers
  • Submission of all state and utility forms and paperwork for incentives 
  • Project management services 

EV Charger Case Study


Our team is constantly researching the EV market. We provide valuable insight to you about EV chargers, such as which vendor and technology would work best for your company. As a neutral 3rd party, we can identify the best solution for you and your business, not an EV salesperson.

Project Management

Managing EV projects can be tedious and time consuming. Often involving many different stakeholders (customers, public utilities, manufacturers, vendors, contractors), we at AE have plenty of experience coordinating diverse needs to get these projects done. We act as a liaison between you and your utility and process all utility and state paperwork on your behalf. 

Incentive Program Expertise

With equipment, installation, and networking, the cost of installing EV chargers can seem like an impossible hurdle to surpass. However, utility and state incentives exist across the country that can make installing EV chargers inexpensive. We provide help with finding the right rebate/incentive programs for charger installation at commercial properties. We assist in processing: Rebates, Bonus Incentives, Grants, Tax Benefits, Free Utility Services and other perks.  

Why should you install EV chargers? 

  • As an early adopter of the technology, your location enjoys the highest incentive level which will be offered. EVs are here to stay, and now is the best time to adapt for the lowest cost. 
  • An entire demographic of drivers will be attracted to your location. For multifamily locations, these customers will not consider your property without EV chargers. For retail locations, these customers are more likely to visit and will spend more time at your location while waiting for their vehicle to charge. 
  • Your business will gain the reputation as a green business, promoting sustainability within the community, and more. 

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